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THEY SELL YOU A PRIVATE JET FLIGHT BY THE SEAT AND WILL NOT LET YOU FILL AN EMPTY SEAT FOR FREE WITH YOUR WIFE!?! Expect no sympathy from these guys if they have an empty seat! I normally fly between Florida and New York in first class or private jets for work. Then BlackJet offered a $5000 membership that allowed me to purchase a seat for only $2500 instead of the $12,000 that my wife and I normally pay for an entire jet. That worked great for me for business trips by private jet, but then my wife wanted to join me last minute on my private jet flight. I had flown several times before and there was always ONE AVAILABLE SEAT on the flight. I told her that she could come with me if there was an empty seat on the jet. We would fly back together on American first class. We arrive at the airport and when we pull up to the BlackJet private jet we both get on. There were TWO empty seats on the flight. The pilot then tells us that she’s not on the manifest so he needs my wife’s information before we close the door. I give the pilot her information. He calls it in and BlackJet gets on the phone with me demanding that I pay $2500 for my wife’s seat. I tell them the seat is empty and she should be allowed to fill it as my wife. They tell me that my seat purchase only pays for my seat and I can’t bring her unless I pay. I give them my AmEx, but I let them know that I would let the world know that they are the only private jet company that I have ever flown that will not let you fill an empty seat with your wife without paying! So here you are on ripoffscams BlackJet! Next time, be more generous!!! My wife should have been able to fill an empty seat for free because I am a good customer!

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