Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc. Review


I received a gift card from one of my agents and went to use 9.99 of the 50.00 with google play for my grandchildren. I didn’t realize that they would take the 50.00, I wanted to take the card off their system and they wouldn’t allow it, so the card was open for all the purchases fashed up on the screen. | I called Google they wouldn not helpso finally all I had was 3 vents left, when I wet to Blackhawk Network the Gift Card company. They said they would dispute this, but found they will not refund, credit money lost, dut to not being able to validate that I am the cardholder with a purchasing receipt and my bank statement reflecting the visa card purchase. | Now this was a “Gift Card” and the card says “Gift Card” which means another person bought me the gift. That is a lame excuse to allow Google to keep the money and they gave me a card with 3 cents on it. Oh, but you cannot add to the gift card either, not allowed. What should I buy now? Ha. really. | So useless this company is. I will never buy one of these for anyone as they are a ripoff in my opinion . Waste of money for the buyer and the person getting the gift. Keep you cards and charges for the card and just ripoff the person who got the gift. Sad/Bad Company


Name: Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Lewisville

Address: 700 State Highway 121 Bypass, Suite 200

Phone: 866.219.7533


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By Ronald

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