Black Market Camera Sg Review


I recently patronised this store as it is huge and looks promising but upon entering it looks very home-run despite the effort to look professional. I was screamed across the shop when I tried to look at the back of the packaging for no apparent reason. This guy who looks like he is in charge came over and aggressively ask me to stop what I was doing and get out. I later got found out more about this shop when I went to another shop at the ground floor. Apparently he sells fake items from Canon,Nikon,Sony,Olympus,Fujifilm, and etc boldly. U probably could find fake batteries and accessories around the corner. Later in the day I got my Friend to check out the shop and indeed, we bought a used original Canon lpe6 battery which cost 48 dollars. We were made to sign our invoice which states that it is strictly non exchangeable and refundable and that Iu2019ve checked the item. I mean how do I check the authenticity without the necessary hardware. We later went down to Canon To verify and indeed to our expectation it was fake. Anyway a report was written but we canu2019t get our money back. The shop sells a variety of items but according to shops at level 1, most of them probably cheap and undurable items from China. One lens cap that cost 2 yuan was sold for 12 sgd- bearing the words Sony of course. Thatu2019s more than what the official Sony service centre sells for. I wonder why this shop is still in existence.

3 Coleman street peninsula shopping centre Singapore , Singapore Singapore

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By Ronald

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