Black Crude International Review


Oil scam artist has taken many people for many thousands of dollars selling nonexistent fuel products in HOUSTON Tx, by creating fake documents such as SGS reports and other POP documents and stealing from a long list of clients who report her and them to the Police and the FBI who say it’s either a civil case or not enough money only being under 250k to do anything about it. | They use tank farm advance fees as one excuse along with other scams to milk money away from fuel traders and companies. There is not one honest thing this company or this woman does in the fuel business as we have been told by other buyers that have been caught in her illegal scam . Company reg. Is 0802355591 We know of two of these scams this week alone. One man lost 75k this week to these criminals


Name: Black Crude International

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Houston

Address: 700 Milam st. Suite 1300



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By Ronald

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