BinanceTradeCenter Review: Beware of this Forex Platform


BinanceTradeCenter sounds like a convincing name and would move most to sign up. When you land on the homepage, you get a reaffirmation that this is a genuine forex investment platform. With one of the best aesthetic designs, the website looks magical to the eye. What’s lacking from Binance Trade Center is the actual service. Transparency and safety are out of the question when you invest and trade with Here’s what we found out in our detailed BINANCETRADECENTER REVIEW.

Analysis of BinanceTradeCenter

BinanceTradeCenter Review

The platform makes a bold statement by adding they even deal with Crypto mining. With Crypto being a sort after asset, it makes users want to invest with the platform. However, before committing yourself, there are a few issues to note.

BinanceTradeCenter will easily fool even the standard investors and traders. The platform has a lot working for them. It would be best to have a keen eye for detail to notice the small mistakes found on their website.

Investing and trading require wits and a favorable platform to carry out your activities. Unfortunately, that’s where investors go wrong as they fail to get the right investment platform. No worries, we got you covered thanks to this list with proven investment platforms.

And this is why we have to raise the red flag based on what we see. The platform does not offer any meaningful outcome to investors. For example, you might withdraw $500, but this is only possible if you have a deposit exceeding $1,000.

What’s wrong with that, you might ask. The platform is operating a pyramid scheme where a few users get to withdraw. When they withdraw, they go around claiming the platform is legit, driving more sign-ups.

Those who deposit large sums don’t get to withdraw a penny. The small investor is used for whaling in the bigger investor. And the trend has been going on for quite some time. Here’s where we draw the line by exposing them.

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Accounts and plans BinanceTradeCenter

BinanceTradeCenter offers four investment options that don’t come cheap. Judging by the standards set by regulators, the basic account asks for four times the acceptable deposit amount. Here’s a closer look at four of the available plans;

Silver plan

It’s the most basic plan and comes with a minimum deposit of $1,000. The maximum allowed deposit is $5,000 with guaranteed weekly returns. Some of the available features include Crypto mining, crypto trading, and forex.

Gold plan

The second plan comes with a minimum deposit of $6,000 and a maximum of $45,000. You get a promise of weekly returns, a deposit bonus, and a referral commission of 1.8 percent. Crypto mining and trading, forex, and stock trading are available.

Platinum plan

For the platinum account holder, there’s a minimum deposit of $50,000. The maximum deposit is set at $100,000. For those who refer clients to this account, you get a commission of 5 percent. The account offers Annuities, Bonds, crypto mining and trading, Real estate, stocks, and trading.

Diamond plan

It’s the most exclusive plan, and users have to deposit $120,000 with no maximum set. There’s a referral commission of 10 percent available to members. The account offers all trading assets like the rest of the plans with IRA as an additional asset.

BinanceTradeCenter Account Packages and Plans

You can clearly see Binance Trade Center is only targeting institutional and wealthy clients. The normal investor doesn’t stand a chance even to deposit. So there’s an even higher risk of losing funds with no way of recovering them.

BinanceTradeCenter License and Registration Documents

BinanceTradeCenter is not a licensed entity despite posting certificates on their homepage. The funny thing is, you can’t view the certificates. What this means is the owner tries to fool viewers with false documents.

Without proof any independent regulator is backing this platform, we have to ignore the certificates. The platform should be open and disclose where they got their license. No regulator backs this platform.

Business owner

Christopher Fraiolo is the name given as the owner of the platform. The profile claims he has a wealth of experience when it comes to the financial world. But, unfortunately, there’s little to no information about the guy on the web.

We are convinced this is a made-up profile as the only matching name is a weird Instagram account. You wouldn’t expect the owner of this platform to be flaunting in front of a G5 jet. These are tactics used by scammers way back in the day.

Client testimonials

The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage has a link to their Trustpilot review. One of the people who did the review is Micah Rash, and it’s the review made on May 31, 2021. How could the person who registered the platform write a positive review?

We know for a fact that these are paid reviews based on the timeline. All reviews are within days of each other. That’s how you know it’s a paid review. On other dependent platforms, members are bashing the platform.

Contact and support

Our first contact was via the chat option. You will have to wait a few minutes to get a response. The representative we had was Michael, who was dodgy when we asked about licensing. On the contact page, the platform claims to reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

We have seen this address before on another platform, AtlanticFxMarket. The same person could operate these two platforms. There’s also a phone number that rarely goes through. We believe this is a virtual phone number.

Domain background ( review)

84 is the number of days the website has been running as we publish this review. Domain checker tools reveal a huge chunk, including the website’s trust score. Most search engines rank the website low and with good reason.

The website lacks proper security features and has low ratings from users. Micah rash is the name of the registrant. It could be possible the chat person is Micah going by the name Michael. There’s every reason to doubt the name given as the owner of the platform.

Features of BinanceTradeCenter

Binance Trade Center Features

Payment methods

There are several payment methods available on the platform. These include bank transfer, Crypto, and wire transfer. There’s no need to deposit any amount as withdrawing is a pain in the neck.

No one has managed to withdraw funds from the platform for weeks. And this is what makes the platform a total burst. We are exposing their lack of transparency to protect naïve investors. Please stay away from the platform.

Trading terminal

Despite claiming to offer an advanced trading terminal, their web-based platform is a mess. The platform is slow at executing trades and highly unstable. We wouldn’t recommend the platform due to the security risk.

When using the web platform, you can be a target of third-party attacks. The platform fails to offer any security measures to users. It lacks DDoS protection and SSL encryption, making it a huge security risk to members.

Safety of funds with BinanceTradeCenter

There’s no security of funds provided by the platform. You won’t enjoy any insurance cover for deposits made. It means once you deposit, the platform can decide to block your account without any notice. False License documents

These are some of the features that make an unregistered investment platform high risk.

Our ruling

With the platform an obvious scare, we will be adding to our blacklist.

Make the most of out of safe and transparent investment platforms. It’s the surest way to earn realistic returns.

You can leave your comment or send us an email, and we would be happy to oblige.

How do I recover funds from Binance Trade Center

That’s a serious question. Hiring recovery agents won’t help you. You have to pray the platform allows you to withdraw

Is the platform licensed or registered?

Despite posting what looks like license certificates, they have forged documents.

Any way of investing and earning real returns?

Yes, investors are ow turning into coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding. Take a look at how they do so.

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