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I am paying for a vehicle which was sold to me by this dealership but does not work. First I purchased a Volkswagon Beetle and after 3 months, the transmission went out so I traded the vehicle back to the dealership, Billys Auto Group, and I financed another vehicle, a Jeep, for over $13,000 and it is from a salvaged yard. | This dealership is purchasing vehicles from other cities that had floods. When asking where the vehicles came from, I was told Canada or Lansing. This new vehicle is costing $6,000 to be fixed. The warranty is only covering $2,000. Vehicle continues to cut off, has engine problems, cracked windshield, window does not let down on passenger side, no handle to roll down window, no air conditioning, engine could have fell out due to the bad rust where it had been sitting in water up under. | The vehicle is still in the shop and this vehicle has been to 3 different mechanics since I have had it. When I first got this vehicle I drove it a little while but from the first day that I purchased it, it kept cutting off. I took it back to Billys Auto Group and tried to get it fixed. There’s a lot of problems going on with it. | I asked Billys Auto Group to end the finance contract within two weeks of the sale to take it back and he refused to take the vehicle back. I told Credit acceptance about everything that is going on with the vehicle because the other mechanics told me that they could not find out why the car continues to cut off as I am driving it. | I was very afraid and was almost in several accidents driving this Jeep Patriot. This is life threatening and I could have lost my life by driving this vehicle on the freeway and he refuses to take the vehicle back, give me a different vehicle or give me my money back.

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