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I seen this compnay on the local news. I reached out to them to negoiate lowering my bill. They did and all was fine. One year later, they reached out to me and offfered to provide the same service. | This time was different! The promised my bill would be lowered by $20 and it was only lowered $10. I paid them $120 to lower my bill $120. Why would I go through the hassle for that? | When I inquired about the discount not being applied completely, they said “Oh wait another month, it will show up.” Well, after 3 months, it’s the same. They respond with “You did save $20 pretax. We reviewed it.” Well, NO this is not the case. It’s $10, the bill shows $10/mo. I promise I can do the math. I can provide documentation and copies of my bill only lowered $10. BLACK AND WHITE. They have this imformation and they are still sticking to their guns saying it’s lowered $20. Well if it was, I’d go away happy. | I’m not happy, the bill was not lowered $20/mo and they took my money. This is a scam. They are liars. Whatever the say in response does not change the math, their failed promise and horrible customer service. Never again! I’m more upset about being conned than the money. I make plenty of money, but listen, don’t rip me off and don’t do this to others. | Beware THEY LIE. BUSINESS IS A SCAM. STAY AWAY!


Name: BillCutterz

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Corpus Christi

Address: 3833 S. Staples, #S118

Phone: (361) 334-4923


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By Ronald

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