Bill Barret owner of hertz rent a car francise


Bill Barret owner of hertz rent a car francise Mary from hertz on Quaker road in queensbury and bill Barret also owns the branch in saranac lake /lake placid new york at the saranac airport. Thiefs, stole my money, double charged me, lied and said I never paid cash, refused to review video tapes with me 674 Quaker Rd queensbury New York, New York!!. Do not rent a car from this company. They double charged me and refuse to pay me back once they got my money. I paid cash 3 months ago and last thursday 3 months later charged my debit card after i paid cash!I had my fianc speak to the owner of the franchise named bill Barret and he lied saying i said i would pay later i guess after i brought the car back ( pack of lies) and than said , so go sue me.How can Hertz treat customers this way.I also was told to call mary at 674 Quaker Rd queensbury NY Mary.She is one of the rudest people I’ve spoke to useless and no help what-so ever and I urged her to review the security tapes since it will show me paying cash she screeched in my ear We don’t take cash and slammed the phone on me. If anyone knows if I can force them to have me and the police and them to show their security tapes please let me know! I think they might be going out of business soon ? And thats why they are milking people for all they can get. Please don’t get ripped off like I did.

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