Following a cold call, it took about 8 calls from the original rep and her manager to convince me to use their services; I succumbed after they assured me there was a moneyback guarrantee- i had nothing to lose…I should just give them a chance! Nana and Arbaz confirmed that if I wasn’t happy I could cancel for a full refund within the 2 month trial, and even beyond that time since they guarranteed 30-50% increase in organic traffic. I called the phone reference they supplied who said Big Stone did fantastic work on his website. (Does he receive a kickback?) So, ultimately, I thought it was worth a shot, knowing if I wasn’t satisfied, I I could cancel for the full refund. To begin, they asked for keyword ideas explaining that they would research my website, the market, competitors, google, etc and create a high quality keyword list for me to approve. After about 6 weeks of getting nowwhere on the list and way too much of my time reviewing essentially the same garbage keyword list over and over, I called it quits. I was told I could wait a little longer and see if it imporves but I decided not to waste any ore of my time or theirs. I told them to stop and refund my money in email and on the phone. I was cancelling and wanted a refund. Plain and to the point. I was asked if a manager could call me, and while I said it was fine, I assured them I wouldn’t be changing my mind. Please send the refund. No one called. Over the next few months, I continued to write or call and would always be thanked for my patience and told that they understood and we were waiting for the accounting department. I have to say that they have always been very nice and polite, but dealing with the ineptitude of the keyword creation and the lack of satisfaction with the the process and progress was extremely frustrating and it was costly in terms of the money outlayed and the huge waste of my time. I was paying for results and these were sorely lacking. And I had been guarranteed the 100% refund if I wasn’t happy. Here is a sample email (the 9th discussing the proposed keywords and their lack of progress.) “I trust this email finds you well. Let me start this email by saying that I am extremely sorry for all of the confusion that has happened till date. It is truly a fault at our end for which I have the deepest regrets. Trust me , to have a client as understanding as you is truly a blessing in disguise. As per our last discussion, please find attached the keywords analysis report which I sincerely hope will be the final one. Kindly go through the report and suggest a good time to get in touch with you so that we can have a discussion around it.” They did not satisfactorily complete what they promised NOR did they follow through on either the verbal assurance by their sales staff, nor the written guarantee on the website of the full refund. I have been awaiting a response by phone or email from their accounting department letting me know that there’s been a series of confusions but that the $550 refund check would be arriving in a couple of days. Luckily, I have not been holding my breath or I would have died waiting.

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