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I ordered shirts from them since i live in NJ. The shirts came 2 days later. I then ordered more shirts and for 3 weeks heard nothing. They finally sent one with a letter saying the other one would follow. I tried calling the store for a week straight at least 15 times a day and no one answered. Im now heading to boston to visit family so figured i would stop by. I call twice no answer. I call from my fiances phone right after and a woman answered. I explained the situation and told her that i had even written an email. She got extremely loud with me kept talking over me and wouldnt let me say anything. I finally said are you gonna stop talking over me? She yes and continued to do so then said i also got your email and dont care about your complaints and hung up. I had to have my brother call back and got some guy who said he doesnt know who that woman is and just said come in and ill help you. Im going in to get the shirt i paid for and never doing business with them again. I spend over 10k a year on clothes at stores like this and was considering spending it there. Well not anymore. Im taking to FB,twitter,youtube,BBB and their local news paper. It is now my mission to ruin their business.

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