1501 Broadway (Times Square) & 132 West 31st Street (by Madison Square Garden) They operate their SCAM using many different website names (listed below) – they also use many different phone numbers on their craigslist posters u2018 before going to their office address, they communicate with potential victims only through text messages – if you find yourself communicating with a phone number only by text message, or if they text you a website address link that you must visit to make the office appointment, itu2019s a SCAM. Part 1 Of Scam: You send a text message with your questions to a phone number on their craigslist poster u2018 you then receive a text message asking you to visit a website address (see list below) in order to make an office appointment u2018 after completing the appointment form at their website address, youu2019ll receive a confirmation e-mail or youu2019ll be routed to a confirmation webpage, either one will include their office address (see below) – at some point during the exchange, they may send you a text message with their office address – when arriving for the office appointment, you must pay an advance fee of $150 or $200 cash (No Refunds). Part 2 Of Scam – If You Need A Room In Brooklyn Or Queens: After youu2019ve paid the advance fee, the scammer gives you a website address to log into to get the list of rooms – when you contact the people renting the rooms, youu2019ll find out the rooms were rented weeks or months earlier – the people will tell you that their rooms were just taken off craigslist, or some other internet site, and that they have no idea why the agency is sending their customers (victims) to them. Part 2 Of Scam – If You Need A Room In Bronx Or Manhattan: After youu2019ve paid the advance fee, the scammer sends you to another agency – American Plaza, 3834 Broadway, by West 160th Street, Uptown Manhattan u2018 and they want an advance fee too! Their Two Midtown Offices: 132 West 31st Street, 15th floor, by Madison Square Garden 1501 Broadway, 12th floor, by Times Square Some Of Their Phone Numbers: 646-543-1663 : 646-543-2441 646-580-2668 : 646-580-4124 646-580-7330 : 646-580-8325 Websites They Use To Scam You: / / / / / /

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