Biggin & Scott Knox Boronia Real Estate Review


Danelle Hunter from Biggin & Scott Knox is the rotten realtor from HELL. Please avoid this poor excuse for a human being unless you like being traumatised, harrassed and pushed to your limits. She breaks all rules known to the real estate tenancy act with no regard for your safety or rights as a tenant. | Truly the epitome of a dispicable realtor who flaunts her zero cares given attitude to life in general. Please heed my warning, stay well away from Danelle Hunter and her cronies at Biggin & Scott Knox / Wantirna / Boronia. They will ruin your life and lie, cheat and steal at any opportunity.


Name: Biggin & Scott Knox Boronia Real Estate

Country: Australia

State: Victoria

City: Boronia

Address: 88 Boronia Rd

Phone: 61 3 9761 2277


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