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Complaint: On April 4th, 2013, I was sold a 2000 Land Rover Discovery by Big Red Sports and Imports in Norman, Oklahoma after my 2001 Chevy Cavalier blew a rod after 8 years of ownership. I was saving for college and couldn’t afford a vehicle so when I found the Land Rover for $5000 I thought it would be an incredible deal. The worth of the vehicle on NADA was less than $2500 but unfortunately I did not know this till after purchase. I paid $4000 cash plus my Cavalier. During the transaction I was told it was looked over by the dealership and it was in great shape and it ran fantastic. During the test drive I noticed no problems. But the next day after I bought the vehicle on my way home the transmission exploded during 5 o’clock traffic. The cabin filled with smoke, and I dangerously pulled over crossing an entire lane. The transmission had imploded, I took photos and video and had the vehicle towed back to the dealership and demanded a refund. They informed me that I bought it as in so they couldn’t refund me. I told them they lied to me about the vehicle to which the sales manager told me that it was a whole-sale vehicle, it hadn’t been inspected, and my salesman shouldn’t have told me that it was in good shape. After 4 days of them telling me they would take care of it, they informed me it was my fault because I hit an object while driving so hard that it punctured the transmission pan causing the implosion and it was entirely my fault and they wouldn’t help whatsoever. Video and photo proof proves this is a lie, the outside of the pan is completely clean, not even a scratch. They refused to speak to me and kicked me out of their dealership when I arrived to confront them about their lies. I am now out of a vehicle, out $4000 of my college savings, and need at least another $5000 to take them to court. I have sufficient evidence, witnesses, and advice to safely win the case but unfortunately can’t afford it. I’m really trying to expose what a horrendous ordeal this is to the public about the dangers of buying a used car and expose Big Red for what a terrible dealership they are.

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Address: 418 N Interstate Dr. Norman, Oklahoma United States of America


Phone: (405) 364-4400

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