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Big Impact University is a Rip Off. Big Impact LIVE is a “Tent Show” to SELL this Rip Off. Mark Grainger and Shannon Law, aka Mark and Shannon are the Rip Off Artists who created and manipulate people ruthlessly to buy it, and Learn to Sell in a Ruthless Manner – just like they do. | I just saw the announcements about Big Impact Live in Walnut Creek, California and feel compelled to issue this | PUBLIC WARNING – so this is my opinion. | Most attendees fail. | The Ones who Succeed Do So by Selling their Souls to the Dark Side of Manipulation and Mind Programming. | I’m offering my opinion as a fellow coach who wishes to help other conscious women like me. | DO NOT BUY THEIR $10,000 PROGRAM AT BIG IMPACT LIVE. HERE’S WHY: | There is a growing list of “ ribe members” who are super angry at being treated like stupid cattle on the group conference calls and being shut down (or shut off) by the Tag Team of Mark and Shannon. | Thier contract is designed to make you feel as though you can be sued for speaking out and revealing their | manipulative sales practices and misleading promises. | At Big Impact LIVE you will be MANIPULATED EMOTIONALLY in EVERY way imaginable: | Neorolinguistic Programming | Emotion Heightening Music and Tribal Dancing | Emotional Sob Stories about “What good people we are.” | A Few Success Stories from their “Sell Outs” who adopt their misleading sales tactics. | Charismatic Narsisistic BS about being on their way to Sainthood and You can be too (ala Jim and Tammy Fay). | “Integrity”, “Integrity”, “Integrity” about their “Double Your Money Back Guarantee” IF you can get through their exhaustive DO IT YOURSELF home work assignments. | SHAME: Tehy shame you for selling yourself out – basically they are saying if you don’t pay us thousands of dollars – you are betraying yourself. That is a Crock of Sh*t. | LIKE ANY PROFESSIONAL CAR SALES PERSON THEY WILL DROP THE PRICE LATER FOR ANY THAT ARE NOT THE THE SUPER SUCKERS WHO PAY FULL PRICE AT BIG IMPACT LIVE. | I’m sure they will call on their success story minions who have turned to the dark side of selling to grab as much money as possible from the most vulnerable souls among us. | FYI: Donald Trump is being sued in New York for call is Big Tent Sales Pitches a “University”, and Big Impact University is NOT a University either, so how long will this scam survive? | Now don’t get me wrong. There is some value to what can be learned form Mark and Shannon about Speaking Your Path to Cash locally. I do make money speaking locally bu tnot because of THEM. The Value is $3,300. Gouching is $6,600. Their Rip Off is $9,900


Name: Big Impact, LLC.

Country: United States

State: California

City: Pleasant Hill

Address: 586 Palo Alto Pl



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