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Complaint: We had a country store where I made furniture and my wife painted country folk art. We sold the business location to retire and had to liquidate all the contents. Reputable auction houses were booked and did not have the time to do one and Damian Davis of Big D;s Auctions in Geneva, NY said he could take all our items, sell them and give us 80% of the money. There were so many items (THOUSANDS) and was split into many lots. One lot had all the furniture and big ticket items, the rest smaller less expensive items. He completed sales of small lots and in the middle of them the big ticket lot. He sent us 5 checks, three we could cash without a bounce and the big one he just ignored and kept all the money. We asked and asked for it and he denied I was owed. Said he sent all the checks. Ignored the big one, ignored the bogus checks, kept the lies up and said we harrassed him!!! Said I slandered him! Explained that slander was to tell a lie. He called me a liar and IGNORANT. With an IQ of 185, did not like that one at all. He refuses to own up and he said he sent us the money, yet he will not say what the amount was of the checks, says he is too busy. He has pigs, next lie will be pigs ate the checkbook. State Police are investigating, this notice is a warning to others. We as seniors on a fixed income could use our money better than that thief

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: 122 N. Genesee St. Geneva, New York USA

Website: facebook Big D;sAutions

Phone: (315)521-1999

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