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big boy motors Scam of a Man…be aware… MELBOURNE Florida!!. Big Boy Motors SHISTERS …… took money up front.. (flag alert)… ..should have known when i wrote a check and he said he rather cash….FLAG ALERT… learn as you live I guess I am……. warranteed work and still 6 months later and no relief on repairs and was told yesterday ….so sue me… Todd not a nice person to deal with… Now after research, I find out HIS PAST which is not a surprised, after all hes NOT done in the past 6 months.. Horrible person ..dont deal with him… another life living lesson learned by me 🙁 but a senior citizen with limited funds…this is not right or fair but life moves on ….a mass lawsuit I’d love to see on this guy and his shister ways. .. BE AWARE of who you are dealing with… BIG BOYS …not nice boys for sure…

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