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I wish I had known about Rip Off Reports before I did any business with shopping for a pair of earrings for my daughter in law for Christmas I stumbled onto their site. It was extremely user friendly and the pictures of the jewelry were excellent. It was also alot of fun to use. Over four days I purchased over half a dozen items. I was a little shocked at the EXTREMELY HIGH shipping charges but it was easy to rationalize when you thought you were getting a better deal on gemstones then you would retail. nI was very excited to get my orders. My excitement was very short lived. Several of the pieces looked like they were made for a doll and the clasp on a tennis bracelet was so flimsy I could bend it with my fingers which I had to do so it wouldn’t fall off. I am afraid to wear it in public for fear I will loose it. If they had to put a coin , matchstick or ruler next to an item to show the actual size they would probably go out of business. I was not expecting something for nothing but when I got my items I really felt like a fool. nAfter finding your site I have decided not to go through the hassle of returning the items but will be LICKING MY WOUNDS for quite some time. There are many excellent on line stores but BIDZ IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Before you spend your hard earned money I suggest you do not disappoint yourself or your loved ones by purchasing anything at Bidz. It would be a great service to the buying public to see Bidz go OUT OF BUSINESS. I think they should be throughly investigated and shut down. Thank you, nSharonnBuckley, WashingtonU.S.A. Culver City, California U.S.A.

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