Bidetpro Akron Ohio Review


I purchased the company’s model RSD 3100 Electronic Bidet in the spring of 2009 via their website. The product arrived and I installed it in my bathroom. The product worked satisfactorily for about 6 months. I noticed that the product was leaking and leaving a small amount of water on the floor after each use. I contacted the company via their website and was told that small leak was “normal”” and not to be concerned. I placed a container next to the product to catch the leak. In July of 2010 the solenoid on the product failed. As a result the unit would no longer fill with water and therefore would no longer function. I again contacted the company and inquired about a returning the product for repair or how to obtain replacement parts. Over a week later they replied to my e-mail and asked that I send them a picture of the solenoid. I disassembled the product to comply with their request to take a photo of the solenoid. That is when I discovered the source of the original leak. The water was coming from a small pump. I sent photos of the solenoid and the leaking pump. I sent the photos via email to them. I was to they didn’t have the parts and would have to contact the product manufacturer. A week goes by and I inquire again and their reply was that they sent me an email stating they would order the parts. It’s now September 2

2010 and I get an email that the solenoid was shipped but I would have to wait on the pump as it was not available at this time. Today


I emailed them again to ask about the status of the solenoid and received and email stating they contacted me as they did not have my shipping address. I received no such email asking for my shipping address. This company is the master of the stall. I provided them with my address. Even if I get the solenoid the product will still be unusable due to the leaking pump. I is hard to believe that this company can’t or won’t provide service for the product they sell. This is a shell company that only deals in sales but has no service or a supply of parts. This is my fault for dealing with an internet company with no track record. I learned an expensive lesson as I am out over $300.00 for a product that failed after only a 12 months of use!”

13128 Thompson Rd., Internet United States of America

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By Ronald

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