Bethany Munger – Bryan, Ohio Ohio


Came home to a red car in the driveway. I walk in and my husband has dinner cooking but he’s not insight, so I walk down the hallway to our room and I hear the bedroom door lock. So I knock on it and asked what he was doing and to open the door he said in a sec. I didn’t wait I kicked the door open to find my husband adjusting his pants and this woman Bethany Munger trying to hide at the side of my bed trying to get her pants on. So I walk over and grab her by the hair, the whole time she was screaming “I’m sorry”. My husband pulled me off her so he got punched in the face as well. This woman is also married with 2 kids that I know of. My husband and I have 5 kids together and have been married for 16years, been together for 19years. I was gonna let this go and try to forgive him and save my marriage until this morning when we were laying in bed and she sends him a text message. He swears he stopped talking to her but obviously not. I’m sorry but if I let this go the 1st time why would you try to come back for seconds. Do these women have no respect for them selves or the other people involved? At this point I don’t care if everyone she knows sees this if she can’t handle the heat stay out of the kitchen.

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By Ronald

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