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My name is Melynda. I had been with my boyfriend, Will since 2011. We were in love and happy. We have a beautiful, sweet baby Leo together. A week before our third anniversary I got a bad feeling. Will had taken my car to go to work (he is a team leader at a 3rd shift job in a factory), the next morning when I went to go to work I noticed that my work badge was thrown in the back seat of my van and my girlie, animal print designs were ripped off of there places and thrown in the back as well. I called him on my commute to work, asking who the fuck was in my car. He said a friend, Raj and that the mirror broke off and that is why my shit was thrown. I didnt believe him my gut was telling me otherwise. On our anniversary November 25th 2014 I came home from work. He was home with the baby and I could see he had been drinking. So naturally I asked. He said he had a carpet to measure (which is what he did on the side) and had Leo go to his moms for a little while. || He said he had a drink with his mother upon piking our baby up.Again this raised a red flag to me since he never did this. I ignored my instincts for then. A couple days later on Thanksgiving he was being so weird, on his phone the whole day and hiding it every time I came near. At one point he layed down on the bed and closed his eyes as I was standing there. I took that opportunity to look at his phone while I engaged him in convo. His eyes were closed and his screen was still live with a text. The number was written, this hoe was not saved in his phone with a name. All I could see was” why is she ugly? you need to keep your emotions in check” There was alot more the girl had written a novel. I asked who is this from? he said Dylan which is his son. Obviously his son is saved in his phone, I knew he was lying but I let him lie. His parents were on their way over and I needed to save this shit for later. I think at this point Will knew the jig was up. After his parents left, I said whats going on? I know what I seen and you are cheating. I am obviously going to leave. He said nothing, I went into our bedroom and cried. A few moments later, maybe more he texted me” I am crying for the first time in years” I immediatly went out to the living room, he was legit crying and it broke my heart. He never shows emotion and I knew something bad was about to happen. I said why are you crying? I am right? You cheated? He said yes, I lost it. I do not think ever in my life I have felt what I did in that moment. I asked for info, when where. Who she was. He said she was a temp from work that he had known for a couple months and that she did not know he had me at home. He said she would hit on him alot and it was a new person giving him attention. He said she invited him over on our anniversary and he slept with her with a condom. (yeah right) He then said it happened 3 times, then later changed his tune to once. he said she did not know he had me at home and the texts on thanksgiving that i seen were when he told her. he said obvioulsy she does not want anything to do with me. I went to bed, we had sex with each other that night and I dont even know why. The next day I couldnt even look at him he was a disgrace to me. He kept crying saying how sorry he was, that he knew he fucked up and that the trust was gone.He would not give me her name or address.He said she was not ugly but nothing special and no one was more beautiful than me. He went to his moms to stay while we seperated. 3 days later he came home because I love him, and I was willing to forgive based on his emotion to the situation I thought he was really sorry and would not do it again. Well guess what? After that he did not stop. The morning after he came home he did not show up at home at his usual time 7;20 a.m after work. I called him 800 times as I needed to be at work at 8:30. He never answered, he did not show up until 8:15. At that point I had already hacked into his voicemail and listened to a (no joke) 12 minute message from his lover saying a bunch of jumbled up shit. I honestly could not even make out half of it. What I did get was this ,”no i am not being a stalker…i knew u had a girlfriend, brian told me but i dont care. you may walk funny but damn, you are good. next time i want to tie you up and teach you a few things…..if you want to work it out with your girlfriend then i understand but i would still like to fuck you….my kids father wants me to be with a good dude……” I called the number and it was when he strolled in, saying babe what is the matter i had to measure something left my phone in the car i thought u had work at 9:30 i went ape shit. I was convinced he was over there and he most likely was. he said i cant deal with this being accused every time i dont answer my phone. i told him i listened to his vmail and he was pissed. I made him listen to her jumbled lies and told him yeah she knew and she does not care, he said i never heard that, she sounds high. he then left pissed off.he then later texted me that he was sorry, he knew i had every right to be this way and that he loved me and was so sorry for all he did to me. He was so genuine that I thought am i crazy? can i handle this? my love for him overrided any other emotion I was feeling and I needed him in my heart and life. Things were good for awhile, then shit started to get shady. My older children, who have a diff dad started telling me on Sundays when I was at work Will would leave for hours and leave them with Wills older son, also from a previous realtionship. I asked Will why. He would either say no i didnt. or i went to clean my car. and he was so angry in all of my simple questions. Then he would start not coming home from work on time. He would come home at 8:30 sometimes 9:30 and said he was staying late but would never text me that, he would not answer his phone and would only explain himself upon arriving home. He also would leave to go do laundry or grochery shop and would not come home for hours. The phone would never be answered. Will is the type of person who always has his phone in hand. On one of these occasions I listened to his voicemail. There was one from a new number, also disconnected (this girl obviously can not pay her bills) that was her voice. The message made no sence though. It said hey so and so (forget name) needs to bring the kids home and is bitching do u have the van keys in your jacket” I started to question if it was a missed call, but her voice is very distinct, ugly, old sounds stupid, uneducated and high. I started to wonder if I was losing my mind, but deep inside I knew it was true. On New Years Eve he left all day, all day. To do laundry and shop help his friend out, he did not come home until 7 pm and did not answer his phone all day. He said it died and he was tired now. He came home with lots of liquor and I said lets drink, he said i cant i am so tired then he went to bed. I stayed home until 1 or 2. At 4 am i woke up to the baby and realized he was no longer in bed, his car was gone and so was he. I called him 100 times no answer. He finally came home at 7:30 am and said he went to Mcdonalds to get away from me?? What the hell I was sleeping. At that point I knew that this never stopped and that I was going to have to do some investigation. I contacted his friend from work, the brian that Beth had mentioned in her voicemail, he said he could not tell me her name or specifics as his loyality was with Will but that I should not worry about it, I am beautiful and the mother of Wills baby and she has nothing to offer. A couple of weeks later, we decided that the trust was gone we were arguing and he said I am going to live with my mom for awhile. I agreed. Well guess what? he never went there. I did not discover this until 4 days later when I asked if I could bring Leo to his moms at 6 one night so I could bring my older son to his game. He said I will be sleeping, i said well can your mom watch him? he flipped out and said why didnt you say this earlier she goes to bed at 7 pm. Which was a lie, I am well a part of his familys lives and know that she does not. I let it go and realized I needed to call her. That night at 5 i texted him to see if he was awake, no response I called his mom and said is will awake? she said what? what are you talking about. I lost it, i started to cry so bad and told her EVERYTHING, she had no idea. She was like I am calling him right now. No response from anyone, his sister, mom, me. Finally he texted me, “so i am not at my moms so what? i went to troys. i knew you would nto believe me so why bother saying anything” I realized that this guy was not going to tell the truth and had obviously gone off the deep end. I knew I was gonna have to investigate. So i did. One morning when he came to get some things, I heard him on the phone making a doctors appt, he confirmed the time so I heard it and was like this is it. 10 minutes before the appointment I went up the road from my house literally 2 seconds down the road and saw him walk from a house and get into his car. this was not troys house it was hers. he was caught. I followed him to his doctors and waited while in view of his car. I waited 2 hours. I have no idea what took so long but i had my baby and needed to leave. I drove to the nearby store to get diapers and a snack for the baby/ When i came back of course he was gone, so i drove to her house and there they were drivving past me together in the car. He had gone to pick her up after i guess and go somewhere i pulled a u turn in the middle of the street and he seen. at this point seeing this ugly creature with my man set off something so bad inside me i cant even describe i was ready to fight. i followed him and he took off on the highway like a pussy. i went to his moms crying. i was so hurt seeing that. he could hae just told me the truth and protected me from seeing that. He then texted me, “your crazy. i love you that girl is not who you think”. These were the mind gameS I continued to endure for months. a few days after he went and moved in with his moms. I was like ok he is done with her. he still would not talk about it and said she was nothing to him. He continued to live at his moms. I would catch his car at her house frequently though. His step dad works with will and found at her name. Beth Wood. I tried to find her on fb but no results, will had told me on thanksgiving she did not have one. A few weeks later a friend of hers sent me a message, saying beth was seeing will for a couple months and thought that will was lying and wanted to know what was going on but she was not comfortable contacting me her self. I told her her friend was a slut and a goddamn liar and very much knew about me. she said wow, i am sorry. i asked the friend for a picture she said i will get one from her fb. I said she has one? she said yes she had blocked you. she sent me pics, really really ugly this girl is. Which actually relived me I would not have been able to handle it if she was a beauty queen. She is not, she is like 30 something, bad eyebrows ugly hair. I am 28 and look way better. I sent him a screen shot of her pic and said wow really she is stunning. he said those are all bad pics and whatever. I signed into my old facebook to contact her, she responded and said he told her we broke up in novemeber and that just yesterday she fucked him all day. I told her naturally that she was a whore. They eventually ended there realtionship, but it was not right then. She posted on her facebook on Valentines day, weeks after i messaged her that she “will have a good valentines days once my boyfriend is done with his girlfriend…..:its hard to get away from your gf on valentines day I am sure I will see him tommorow” She basically told all her friends she was a whore, this girl has no class, no phone, no job(she got let go at wills job months prior). Needless to say this girl has no couth, no morals and no respect for others happy realtionships. Please note the last 2 pics are of me. I want everyone to see how I am so much better in comparsion.>

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