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So I found out recently that while I was away from my fiance because of a family emergency, he was talking to this bitch while he remained in Fl because of work. Apparently he hung out with her a few times & had her as a texting buddy. When he moved back home, & our cell phones got shut off, he lost contact with her.Fast forward to last night (06-19-14). We recently have been having some issues, so I have felt the need to check his phone. Found messages from her calling him “love”, etc. I got pissed, asked the bitch what was between them. She ignored me, I downloaded Kik messenger, because I also found that on his phone (there was nothing bad from him, only the messages from her seeming so lovey toward him). I messaged her on there, asked her again what was between them. She finally messaged me back, said they had met in FL, become friends. She seemed hesitatnt to talk to me, so I kept asking questions. He had went to bed & left his phones by me. His message light started blinking, so I checked it. Sure enough, the bitch messaged him, & said I was messaging her, & that she didn’t say anything about them sleeping together… I saw RED. I messaged her, confronted her about lying to me. She said they only slept together once & that they had found each other on a dating site. I flipped, woke his ass up, told him I was done for all the lies. He asked what I was talking about, I showed him the messages. He flipped, swore she was lying, messaged her asking what the f*ck she was talking about. She ignored him, ignored me. He swears she is lying & trying to start shit, that he didn’t touch her, that I could ask the people he stayed with, & that he would never do anything to make me take our 2 yr old son & leave. I did contact them today, & his guy friend swears that my fiance was faithful to me, that she sounds crazy & stalkerish. The guy’s gf says he pretty much only hung out with them if he wasn’t working.She (Beth) messaged him though email today, begging him to talk to her. He told her to f*ck off & stop contacting him, or he would get the cops involved for harassment.We do have things to work out; his pastor is going to be counseling us both, to help us through the trust issues that have now developed. (I have an anxiety problem, & this completely messed with me, even though it wasn’t true.)So ladies in Panama City/Panama City Beach, Fl, beware of this crazy, wannabe homewrecker.

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