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Steer away from Best Cabinets. The only thing that’s the best is in the name of this company. Dan seems great at first then you realize he’s very slow since he seems to be managing too much all by himself. I still love my cabinet style, color and performance but the hardware that comes with his cabinets is extremely cheap. I remodeled my kitchen during the summer of 2013 and by this summer I have cabinet doors falling off the hardware and this started almost immediately since he had to come by twice to readjust the hardware. So the problems began during the second year! Now that we’re in our third year he stated that the hardware can be refitted with “better hardware”” but it would cost me $375.00 to do this. Unbelievable! I suggest if you’re about to review Best Cabinets that you hold off and see what you have to work with by the second or third year and then post your review or – be ready to change you review as I’m doing now after a few years. Cabinets that cost 6k should last longer than three years and if he’s aware that they come with cheap hardware

he should have let me know that there was a better option for better hardware.”

1431 W Hubbard St chicago, Illinois USA

(773) 416-0300

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By Ronald

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