Best buy woodstock New York Review


the CEO of best buy retired or did he just left well if that true i wonder why did he do that could be that the best buy bubble it about to burst or did the bubble REALLY burst well it happen and now they have a mysterious CEO at the helm of the still floating but sinking bestbuy i know that when circuitcity the no 2 competor of the retail wars did a about face and got rid of the 15% but as i read it the compliant about circuitcity it got me wondering about both store i know that circuitcity have a good image but bestbuy got the goofy commercial and the cult like atmopsphere where they chant “bestbuy”” imaging if they take some quote from the bible will that piss off alot of catholic that read the bible nlike nthou shall rip of the customer we pray to best buy gods nand the head of the best buy church is the CEO and the prieast are te GM



but wait a minute is a cult like atmopsphere are they chaning the the DEVIL ? nwell this the way i look at this bestbuy is a try of company will fit right in into HELL ! ni read so many compliant about bestbuy and consumer and even state official are suing best buy and now bestbuy got this black book banned list so beware maybe it time that bestbuy should be label as a mom and pop store and that is not a bad ideal nit also i must meantion since 04 i have never stepinto there store and i fell more clean and fresh ! nHaroldnwoodstock

New YorkU.S.A.”

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