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I renewed my laptops protection plan back on sept 22, 2010 through the mail service which only had 2 options to choose from. That was a 1 year renewal or a 3 year renewal plan. I never received anything in the mail concerning thendetails of the plan. My laptop is over 6 yrs old. It has plenty of wear and tear but just recently the screen was cracked from an accidental fall. I immediately called best buy customer service on Dec 28th, 2011 to find out the details of mynprotection plan before going all the way down there. I was told by the member of customer service that i was covered fully until July 2013 and I have full coverage for wear and tear and accidental. And i stated the screen was damaged and was told something on the line of “as long as your computer hasnt been dropped off the top of the empire state building and is in pieces it is covered.”” Not only was i told that on Dec 28th but the last time i received service at best buy geek squad associate told me I was fully covered. I went to take my laptop in for repairs on Jan 1

2012 and i was told my renewal plan does not cover accidental damages. I am highly upset because I basically was scammed into buying a renewal plan that does not fully cover my laptop as advertised by their website and sales associates. I have reported my issue to the BBB and Best Buy had a representative contact me and her only soultion was to buy a new laptop from them for $349.00 and they could send me a $50.00 giftcard. Then when I denied the offer I was told to email all details of my laptop when I purchased

how much it was in total and what my original plan was. I was told that she was going to investigate more then I never heard from here again until BBB wanted a update and someone else responded saying they offered the gift card and they are thankful for me reporting the issue but I will not be getting my computer replaced or repaired and thats all they can offer me. So now i have no working computer!”

642 Baltimore Pike springfield, Pennsylvania United States of America

(610) 604-7474

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