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I have had a horrible experience with Best Buy and will NEVER buy anything from them again. First, I called the 800# on their website to place an order. I was told my credit card would only be used to hold the merchandise and would not be charged until I wet to the store to pick up the items. Lie #1, my credit card was charged an hour later. I was never informed of this because the person from Best Buy who took my information, had a typo in my email address. nWhen I went and picked up the merchandise I had no idea I had already been charged for the stuff, and so when they gave me the credit card slip, I signed it, so now I was charged twice for the digital camera. nA few days later, I found my camera, so I took the unopened box back to Best Buy to return it. I was told I would be charged a restocking fee of 15%, because there was no manufacturer’s seal on the box. Well, when I bought it there was no seal on the box, just a piece of masking tape. The manager was extremely rude and reused to refund this fee so I called customer service. They agreed o refund the fee, the problem is they never did it. nWhen I called customer service they found the case number and the information where I had been told this charge would be refunded. However, the customer service rep now tells me he cannot process my refund because I do not have a recipt for the transaction. Well, since this was done in the store after being on hold for 40 minutes waiting for customer service, there was no receipt. nSo, despite the fact their own records verify that I should get a refund I am told their procedures and policies will not allow him to issue me the refund! Finally, the customer service rep finds some information that allows them to process my refund. However, it may seem like a small amount, but I have no merchadise and my refund was about $2.50 short. If they did this to every person that placed an order it would add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. nIn addition, I had also been told over the phone that if I opened a Best Buy credit card I would receive 10% off my first purchase. When I got to the store they said they would not honor that. I will NEVER shop at Best Buy again. nBestbuyhaternRockville, MarylandU.S.A. Ridgefield, Minnesota U.S.A.


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