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Best Buy is the WORST buy and that’s not the end of it. I called Best buy five times in one day. Why can’t I just get service? I am sick and tired of being treated like I’m not going to spend money. Why won’t anyone help me? nThe Service I got from employees was rude, uneducated and annoyed. I asked one employee over the phone if he simply carried a T.V. I found at the stores very own website ( Not only did he inform me that he did NOT have the T.V.; but referred me to a competitor “The Good Guys””. Saying “”They have better technology.”” I said “”O.K. So BestBuy doesn’t? Thanks!”” So much for all of his help

I guess he doesn’t work on commission. nDoes anyone at best buy know what they sell? I talked to five different people on the phone and all of them acted like they didn’t want to help me. I went to Best Buy a week ago with over $2

000 dollars in my pocket to buy one of the new high quaility flat screen t.v’s. I was ready to buy myself a new T.V until I went to the store to buy it. Not only was I ignored by sales people but harrassed by them because I walked in with a can of soda. WOH! I could spill some soda on something electronic and short circut the WHOLE store! nI understood

so I threw my soda away and continued to shop. Looking up and down the isle I did not find the T.V. that was on sale but I did find many t.v.’s with a special price tag called “”OPEN ITEM”” with a small mark down. These are items in the store that someone has already bought

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