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I bought a Motorola Droid Razr from a Best Buy Store on 12/13/2011. At time point of sale, the sales asked me if I wanted to add Black Tie, whitch is Best Buy’s extended warranty program. I asked her the details of the program. She said that if Best Buy, upon reciept of a claim, could not fix the issue that the customer is claiming, they would replace the phone with a new phone. Fast forward 1 month later, my Droid Razr’s battery becomes unable to hold a charge. I bring it in to the Best Buy in Flower Mound, TX, and asked to switch the Razr for a different smartphone. I was told by the sales people there that because it was over 1 month, they would be unable to do a exchange for a differnt phone, but would be able to help me file a claim because they check my account and saw that I had Blacktie added when I bought the Razr. I asked Jesus, the sales associate helping me what was the process for filing a claim. Jesus told me that after I file a claim, Best Buy would replace my phone with a new phone. Lindsey, the Operations Manager was present at this conversations and said the same thing as Jesus did. Fast forward a couple days later, I got a call saying that my replacement phone was ready for pick-up. I asked if the phone was new or refurbished. The guy on the other line said it was a refurbished phone. The next day, I went to pick up my replacement phone. When I got there, I asked Matt, who is working for Geek Squad wether my replacement phone was new or refurbished. He informed me that it was “almost new.”” I told him I wanted a new phone and Jesus and Lindsey said I would get a new phone. Matt escorced me to the Best Buy Mobile area

and I spoke with an African-American man who told me that the phone is new and they are supposedly built in Austin. The African-American man changed his story of wether the phone was a new or refurb couple times. After a couple minutes

I requested to see Lindsey. I was told she had a family emergency. I then requested to see the General Manager. Jesus walked into the office and stayed there for about 7 minutes

and finally came out with no manager. He told me that the manager would not be able to give me a new phone

like I requested. Then

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