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11/22/2011 did an online search to find lowest price of vitamin I regularly use. Placed order, received confirmation emails and ultimately received product I ordered. nAfter noticing today that I’ve had a recurring $19.95 charge for several months, called the company and was told I had agreed to the charge after which I told them to cancel my “membership”” and they could only refund me for 2 months and that would take one to two billing cycles. Subsequently looking back

realized that one of confirmation emails I received indicated if I did not cancel a “”membership”” within 7 days I would be charged the $19.95. nCalled my credit card company to advise them

and they said they couldn’t stop them from charging me further

but since I’ve notified Nuvalife to cancel

my credit card company can refuse to pay the company from now on. My credit card company will also attempt to recover additional refund for a total of nearly $160 (8 months). nI also filed a consumer complaint with the FTC. Hope I have a better and quicker resolution to this scam than others have had! $19.95/month for eight months for absolutely nothing is indeed a scam! The company should be shut down.”

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