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I ordered a pair of sneakers for a birthday present and was so unhappy when i got them. The box was ruined. I worked in a shoe store and the condition of the box was very unprofessional and unacceptable. When i opened the box the shoes looked worn, they had paint running all over, there was excess glue on the shoes and they are FAKE. I then went to their website to find out how to get a refund and there were no phone numbers or addresses, not even on the box, only an email address. I then sent them an email telling them my situation and how the box was in no condition to give as a gift. They sent me an email back asking for pictures of the shoes so they can give me feedback. I dont understand why they would need to give me feedback on the shoes if all i wasnted was a refund. After I sent the pictures i got an email saying: “We are sorry You are unhappy with our package.. Our shoes are authentic… Due to the computer screen chromatism and the different of the photo shooting point

there are some differences between practical items and the pictures on our website. It is normal. I hope you can understand us.Have a nice day”” They still do not want to give me my money back and they offered me $50 to buy another product from them. Seriously why would i do that when I am having so many problems with them. Now I’m stuck with a gift that I cant even give cause its unacceptable. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!! DON NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEIR SITE?? THE SHOES ARE FAKE AND YOU WILL BE STUCK WITH THEM!!”

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By Ronald

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