Bernie’s Toasted Tees Lakewood California Review


I wish this had not been a scam but it appears I’ve been ripped off. I placed an order for 1 “Feel the Bern”” branded Racerback Tank top and a “”Feel the Bern”” Cotton Totebag that I have never received. I got my confirmation email that my order was received with a link that was supposed to take me to a page to track the status of my order. I checked the link the first day and it took me to my order confirmation page. I figured it was too early so I waited about a week. I got the same results when checking the link

even today. No tracking so at this point I became concerned. I first replied to the email they sent to me on 3 seperate occasions. I never received any reply. Then I went to their website and checked the contact page but the contact email address was the same address I had been writing to so I looked at the address for the media contact and emailed that address. I never received any replies. My order was placed March 3

2016 and it’s today March 23rd. I should have had my items or have received an email by now. Instead I feel the BURN.”

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