Berkley Premium Nutraceuticals Ormond Beach Florida Review


I too was taken by this company with the product, Enzyte. They automatically, without my authorization, have taken money out of my account. They get your credit card # when you pay only shipping for the first package you are sent, and then they take it upon themselves to charge your account and send you unwanted products! nWhen contacted, they refuse to reverse the charges, and say they will cancel any further orders, yet they couldn’t give me any cancellation information at that time, because their computers were down. What a crock! We had to call them 3 times to get a cancellation #. Of course they will say that you’re cancelled after getting $70.00 out of everyone that has done this! These people are making a lot of money on that shipping fee of $4.95. Yet they have not given me a cancellation notice, nor an e-mail address to contact them in writing. I’ve tried to fax them my cancellation request, but that # does not go through. Somebody needs to investigate this company, because they give business a very bad name! nFrank & L. MichellenOrmond Beach, FloridaU.S.A.

P.O. Box 42635 Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A.


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