Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals Highland Michigan Review


I, too, was a “victim”” of sorts of Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals

Inc. I ordered their FREE 30 days trial of Avlimil and paid $4.50 in shipping and handling using my bank check card. nI read on the website for Avlimil ( that you could save money by ordering via their “”Managed Care”” program but I wanted to try the product for the 30 days first. nAfter about 25 days

I determined that I would like to continue trying this product because their web site clinical trial report said it could take 3-6 to ascertain any benefit from this product. nI went back onine and order a 2 month supply using my American Express card. Imagine my surprise when I was charged on BOTH my AM EX card and the bank card I used for the free sample order for this 2 month supply. nAfter placing a call to the company and talking to a VERY rude MAN (this is a woman’s product)it was determined that I had inadvertently opened two accounts. At NO point was the “”Managed Care”” program mentioned to me on the phone but I knew when placing the order for the 2 month supply that I was signing up for this. I was advised my bank account would be credited and that account closed and the AM EX account would remain open for future orders. nI read on the web site that you had to try this product for a full year in order to be able to take advantage of their full money back guarantee at the end of one year (minus shipping). nI just received another 2 month supply. For some reason

and I’m not complaining

the cost has continued to go down over this period of time. At first I was charged $104.50

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