Berkeley Premium Nutraceticals – Avlimil 33569 Florida Review


I ordered the 30 day “free”” trial offer from Avlimil.nI had to give my credit card number for the shipping price. When I realized that I had also been enrolled in a “”managed care program””

I called and cancelled it. nFour months later

I received another order of Avimil and I called to find out that I was charged for the order

to my credit card. When I explained that I had cancelled 4 months earlier

I was told that they had only pushed the date of my enrollment into the plan back four months. I was promised that they would cancel it this time and was given a cancellation number. I asked for a letter in writing to verify my cancellation to be sent to my address. I was refused and told that they only give out cancellation numbers. I fully expect to be charged again

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