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I saw their advertisement on television program that I was watching. On March 26, 2004 I called for my 30-day free trial of Avlimil. At the time they asked if I wanted my first two-month supply sent also. I told them NO that I wanted to try this first and then I would call for the next order. nShe advised me that shipments are automatic and should I not call in 30-days my account would be charged for the next shipment. April 19, 2004 my account showed a charge of $4.50 (shipping) and a charge of $65.50 (product) totaling $70 nI immediately called the company only to be advised that whomever I spoke with when I ordered the product should have told me the next shipment would be shipped 7 days prior to the 30 day period. nI canceled the account, they said they would credit my account for half of the charges and when I got the product to send it back and they would credit the other half. nI waited three business days, no credit had been posted. I called again, only to be told that refunds were handled by an outside company and as soon as that company received paperwork from Berkeley my account would be credited nIt has been one week and nothing has been credited to my account. I checked my Post office and as of last Saturday April 24, 2004 there was not any product in my mailbox. nSo I called again today, April 26, 2004 and was told that when the product came for me to mark “refused”” and send it back but it has been known that some shipments have gotten lost. nSo

if I don’t receive a product to ship back or if they show they never get it

then I never get my money credited back to my account. nMarienLufkin


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