Bennett Medical Supplies Las Vegas Nevada Review


My daughter was in need of a Nebulizer per her pediatrician. We told them that we didn’t need one because we had one from my son at home, and that the last time we got one we were charged $200.00 for it even though it is only worth $50.00 at most. The nurse told me that you should have one for each child (for some crap reason) and that there is no way we would be billed for it. She reassured me that it was all covered by insurance and that if they charged us to simply return the machine. What do you know, we just got a bill 4 months later for $200.25 for a nebulizer. The bill shows that it was normally a charge of $267.00, however the insurance told them to reduce it by $66.75 and the rest is to be applied to the deductable. The identical product is listed online for $34.25. That is a 780% markup!! I called the billing company, Bennet Medical Services, to find out why the bill is so high. I was told, “that is what we charge for the item.”” I told them that the product could be found online for $34.25

she responded that “”everything could be found online for cheaper

this is how we make money.”” To this

I asked her why they only charged $200.00 for it? If they are dedicated to ripping off the consumers and insurance companies

why not charge $1000.00? Why stop there? Basically

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