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Complaint: Benchmark Quality Gutters Owner: Michael Katrinic u2013 From Port Huron, Michigan. Born in 1968. Graduate of Port Huron Northern High School (1987). No college. Owner of business since May 1994. Prior to that, worked as a lab manager for Lenscrafters from June 1987 u2013 May 1994. House was foreclosed on in December 2012, and was sold at public auction on January 17, 2013. Sales Associate: Darrell G. O’Neill u2013 From Rathway, New Jersey. Born July 1942. He claims to have an Associate of Arts degree from Union County College, Cranford, New Jersey (1972). Graduated from high school in Rathway, New Jersey, in 1960. He has worked at Benchmark since April 2005. Ann-Marie Baine, contacted Benchmark Gutters back during the Week of January 7-11, 2013. The sales guy, Darrell Ou2019Neill, came by on January 12, 2013, for an estimate. We told him we wanted the same color gutters as the trim on our house (which is sort of a brownish color). He had a similar color in his color samples and we pointed it out to him. He said that was fine. As we were leaving to go to a wedding, and as he was also doing an estimate on our in-laws house next door, he said he’d leave our written estimate/proposal with her parents. Unbeknownst to us, he wrote down a different color than the one we agreed upon on the estimate/proposal. When we returned home on Sunday, my wife retrieved the estimate/proposal from her parents next door. Darrell had left instructions to have her sign it and fax it in to their company. She did that. She naturally assumed that the color that was written into the “color”” box

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Phone: “” was the correct brownish color that we agreed upon (we have some brown bed linens…the term “”linen”” is not an actual color. Not once did he tell us which of the trade colors he had was the one we picked out. She had no way to know he wrote the wrong “”color”” in the box because technically

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