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My 82 year old mother, who has several life-threatening conditions and can hardly walk, has been harassed for the past year by Belk, GE Money Bank and various collection agencies her bogus debt has been passed around to. nShortly after Christmas 2005, my mother made a small purchase with her Belk charge card just to get a measley extra 10% off her purchase. By the time she received the first bill, late charges had already been added. nShe then promptly paid the bill (minus the late charges), sent a dispute letter and made several calls to Belk, which she documented, and was assured by two seperate representatives that the late charges would be removed. nThe date she made the calls was in June 2006. By September 2006, she was still receiving bills with late fees that had grown to twice what they were when she was promised that they would be removed. nBelk never acknowledged her dispute letter. When she called yet again in September to try to get the mess straightened out, she was subjected to verbal abuse by a rude, belligerent phone representative who told her they had no record that she ever even paid for the merchandise. nMy mother then went on a wild goose chase searching for the canceled check to send to prove that she had paid for the merchandise. After spending considerable time searching, she found it and called Belk yet again. She was then told that they had the record of her payment all along and that she just needed to write another letter. nPredictably, her letter was again ignored and the next thing she knew, she was getting letters from one, then another, then another collection agency, which she has had to respond to each time within a short deadline and spend money sending each response by certified mail. nMy mother and I both have had similier experiences with JCPenney (who, interestingly enough, uses the same people to handle their billing – GE Money Bank. However, I was recently told by a local Belk store manager that Belk only recently turned their billing over to them). nJCPenney put us both through considerable stress and aggravation in the same way for about the same length of time (about a year), trying to get late fees that should not have been there removed. nI am hoping and praying that my mothers problem is soon resolved in her favor. This is not the way a person of her age and state of health should have to live their final days. nThank you. nAlinTitusville, FloridaU.S.A.

Belk:3275 Garden St., Titusville JCPenney: 2500 S. Washington Ave. Titusville And Merritt Sqr Mall 777 E. Merritt Island Cswy Titusville (both Belk And JCPenney), And Merritt Island (JCP, Florida U.S.A.


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