Bekin Movers – Makes your move WORSE

We had to move across states due to my husband’s new job, and I knew that get everything there was going to be the hardest part, from the cars to the furniture. I was wary about hiring movers to handle all of our belongings in the first place, but we hired Bekin Movers anyways. They loaded up all of our stuff, including our vehicles, so we could fly. | To our dismay, when we finally got our things to our place, we were greeted with a $3,000 repair bill because the driver did not know how to properly strap down that car. On top of that, they made us pay an additional $4,000 to guarantee the delivery of our products. It did not say what condition they had to bein, unfortunately. | Bottom line, Bekin is expensive and ruins your stuff. They are not a reliable source for moving. They will happily take your money, but promise you nothing in return.

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