Behavioral Rehabilitation Services – Salesman is Misleading

I did not like my experience at Behavioral Rehabilitation, I was really disappointed with the rehab facility overall. One big red sign was that the person that admits you is a salesperson, not a counselor or someone that works directly with the facility, therefore you are admitted based on whether or not you can pay. The salesman really talked the place up to me, he highlighted a lot of aspects that sparked my interest and my mother’s. Unfortunately, all the claims he made were not the reality for the facility. | They did everything in a way that was not for the best interest of my health. They cut me off of opiates cold turkey so I was incredibly ill for the first two weeks. This is dangerous for a patient. The place is secluded, which is a plus, but there is nothing else that I have to say that is positive about this place. The living spaces are small and not private. My mom paid for a private room, but I still have to share. The facility was old and run down. None of the activities were available that the salesman told me about. They are understaffed and very unqualified to be handling some of the severe states that a lot of people are in here. It is s depressing place, which is not healthy for a recovering addict.

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