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Complaint: After seeing numerous T.V. commercials about this penny auction site,, I decided to enter the website. Reading the information and looking at the numerous positive results from what appeared to be real people, I joined and paid money for bids. Researching the items I wanted to attempt to get thru the auction, I started what ended up to be about a 600 dollar loss. I accepted the loss and realised that i had entered into a loss attempt, I left the site and slapped my head and asked myself how stupid can I get. Just minutes later, a rep. for actually called me on my phone and told me how good of a customer I had been. Then he continued on to tell me that he guaranteed me one of the larger items that I wanted to win. After a long phone conversation, I was talked into buying hundreds of dollars of bids on the same website with the agent adding a very large amount of bids himself thru his company. I followed his instructions on researching the item I wanted to win for days and set up a time, using his instructions, for me to enter an auction at the correct time using all of the tools by training the agent had told me. I entered the auction and for about 7 hours had more than doubled my expense and ran out of bids and money. The auction continued and I turned off the computer, and all of the extra expense was due to the promise of a guaranteed win on a larger item following the agents instructions. When it was all said and done, I had lost more than 1200 dollars with nothing but the story of how stupid I had been being talked into spending the money over the agent guaranteeing me the win of the larger item I had been promised.I still think of it and regret ever entering the auction site. The first entry was my mistake but the guarantee from‘s agent was definately thiers. For that reason I hope others will read this and learn from my costly mistake.

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By Ronald

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