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Beer DBA Corsa inc Corsa inc Scam and a rip off California!!. BEWARE OF THE VEHICLE “SUB-LEASEu201d SCAM ARTISTS UNDER THE NEW COMPANY NAME: CORSA INC. OR CORSA CAR COLLECTION, INC. AKA RENTCORSA.COM All the information you need on the scam artist GEOFFREY HULL aka GEOFFREY HAUL, HALL, HULLE and associates.. Featured in the News in 2017 ( ) they have continued to scam innocent people looking to get out of their car lease, targeting us on websites like or their app. The companies they have been scamming people under include: 1.Red Carpet Motoring 2.Standard Motor Group 3.Shift Lease – 4.VEER – 5.Corsa u2018 ( & are the EXACT same website under different domains..) You can find the cooperate filing for their newest company CORSA INC on the secretary of state website here: PRESIDENT: GEOFF HULL Here is a list of other Ripoff Scamss listed in chronological order for Geoffrey “Hullu201d and all the companies heu2019s been scamming people under for years: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The scammer and his scam are still out there today victimizing innocent people who want to get out of their lease because they canu2019t afford the car anymore, only to end up with thousands of dollars in damages, unpaid monthly installments being dragged out until legal steps need to be taken and worst, lost and totaled vehicles indefinitely at the victims expense. Any current or past clients under Geoffrey Hull and his current company CORSA INC, or past companies please contact me about proceeding with a class action lawsuit for fraud and embezzlement. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN OR ANY COMPANY OR PERSON HE IS ASSOCIATED WITH.

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