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Bottom line = great price, but VERY poor service related to shipping and delivery. Next time I’ll buy local. You get what you pay for. nDon’t count on the 4-6 weeks delivery promise. Took over two months for them to deliver our bed. Ordered on 12-2-2012. Got a call on Dec 26th to schedule the delivery, but they called back the next day to tell me one of the pieces was damaged and they’d have to reschedule. Ok, understandable. nWhen I called Bedroom Furniture Discounts they told me it would probably ship after the new years holiday, but I had to call back at the end of January after hearing nothing from them. And they still could tell me nothing. But when I pressed them they had the delivery company call and schedule a delivery date they couldn’t make. nSo I called to cancel, based on the failure to deliver and on their making up a delivery date. They promised a gift coupon if I’d give them a chance to deliver the next week. Well ok, and they finally delivered after over 2 months, but guess what? The promised gift card was just another lie to keep me from canceling – looks like they had no intention of following through on that. nDuring the whole process I was consistently left on hold, jerked around, told whatever and blatantly lied to. So you’ll get a good price, but be prepared for a hassle!

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