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I was locked out of my apartment last night, and so I called Beantown Locksmith. They sent a guy out from this company Modern Security Locksmith to let me in. He told me it would take a long time and a lot of work to get in, and that it would be $225. He made it seem like it would be a massive undertaking, with lots of problems along the way. My neighbors, who were in the hall with me, said another neighbor used to be a locksmith. My neighbor said he could drill it open for free, and then fix it for free. So I told the locksmith that I would pay him the service fee and the cancellation fee, but that I couldn’t afford his services and so I would have my neighbor do it. While my neighbor was getting his things together, the locksmith continued to play with the lock, without my consent. In fact, I had told him flat out my neighbor would open it, but that I would still pay him the service/cancellation fees. He was tinkering with it with these little tiny tools, and suddenly, it was open! Magic! He didn’t drill or pull the lock and doorknob apart, like he had said was necessary. He just opened it! Then, he said, pay me $225. I tried to politely argue with him, as did my other neighbors, but he said I had to. He also said I had to pay cash. No reputable company requires cash only. I told him I had no cash, and he said he could follow me to an a.t.m. My debit card was stolen last weekend, so I couldn’t do that either. So he said he would accept a check. I still told him I didn’t want to pay, as I hadn’t consented, and had in fact told him I didn’t want his services. When I called to discuss the matter with customer service, I talked to the manager, who told me I was just trying to cover myself, and that he didn’t believe me. I was told I had to pay, and that I was in the wrong….that I was the one who called them, and that they did nothing wrong. I feel completely taken advantage of. I am furious and frustrated, and have never experienced such horrendous customer service in my life! I am appalled that people do this to others on a regular basis, and that they are still in business to do so. They were rude and unkind to me, and the manager went so far as to raise his voice at me over the phone, when all I was trying to do was tell them that I was frustrated with the lack of service the company and the locksmith had shown me. If you ever need a locksmith, run from this company!!! They are a huge scam, and that’s all.

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