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I was contacted through text message by a Ms. Mary Wright stating my resume was found on PA Careerlink website and would like to schedule an online interview with their company. They told me to respond back if interested. The next day I received a list of positions available. They told me to download Google Hangouts to continue on with another individual, Christina Rakshys, the HR Recruiter. I was immediately given an interview (as if waiting for me). She, Christina then introduced herself to me as the Managing Director of Beacons Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd. (her title had changed). I was then given a copy and paste version of the company’s background. She asked me to introduce myself, give my full name, age and location. I gave my name and location (not my age, I know that’s not an appropriate question). They told me the pay was $35/hr for 40 hrs/wk and full benefits. They proceeded with the "interview" and asked me only to answer yes, no, understood and ok. She told me that she had to submit my answers to the higher level for review, then she came back to tell me I scored well and was offered one of the listed positions. The said they were expanding into my area, but until the office is completed April 19, I would be working from home and they would provide me all the necessary office equipment. They also told me that they work with the military through USAA, Citibank or US Bank and do I want to be paid weekly or bi-weekly. It seemed strange that they would offer me the pay before the position. I asked how would they ship me the equipment and they mentioned it would be by check to use only at one of their vendors. I asked where in Erie will the office be located? They said it is kept confidential until construction is complete. I told them thank you for your time. I decline the position. Then they said, "The reason why the company is sending the funds for your mini office equipment is due tot the fact that the company wants this to stand as a test of trust and also we want to know how good you can handle funds placed in your trust or care. I hope we have 100% assurance in you?" I replied, "Have a great day!"

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By Ronald

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