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Bbk Towing and Recovery Inc Annette Car Thieves Detroit Michigan!!. These are crooks they most likely have someone steal your car then act like they recovered it then when you go to pic it up they charge you $250 but will not let you see the vehicle. They just show you a photo. Then when you are about to get the vehicle towed they say they can’t let anyone in the tow yard so they have to charge an extra $75 to sit the car out. Then when you decide you are not paying since you are not allowed to check the vehicle out and are not going to pay any extra fees because my car was stolen from me. They so call themselves making a deal saying if you just pay the $75 administration fee you are then allowed to get your things out of the car but you also have to turn over your keys and title….the so called fee she claims go to the state of Michigan….I’ve never heard of such BS plus they only take cash… Beware if this company claim they recovered your car best believe they had somebody to steal it too…No other towing company ever charged anyone any fees just to get their things out of the car and asked or asked them to turn over a title for a car that does not belong to them so that makes me a victim all over again…just ridiculious…already in the news for scamming another man

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By Ronald

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