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Complaint: On 9/22/18 my laptop compluter died. The battery stopped charging and the screen went black. I could not turn on the machine. I brought the laptop and associated cables and hardware to Battlegrounds Computer Repair 4 times. On 9/22 they told me “Your power strip is bad”” and sold me a new power strip which didn’t accommodate all of my cables and plugs. I returned it and had to visit a hardware store and buy another one for $32.55. On 9/28 the problem recurred in exactly the same way. Battlegrounds told me “”your charger is bad””

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Address: took and discarded my old charger and sold me a new one for $43.44. On 12/12 the problem recurred in exactly the same way. After I finished tearing my hair out

Website: remembering I had a little $1.99 two-prong-to-three-prong plug adapter

Phone: I decided to experiment by changing the setup configuration. I unplugged the new charger from the new power strip and plugged it into the grounded wall outlet. It worked like a charm! The battery resumed charging. Just out of curiosity

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