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Basil Resale Sheridan Misleading Warranty Contracts and Horrific Customer Service Williamsville New York!!. Since the purchase of my vehicle in 2011, I have had a long history of horrific customer service with Basil Resale on Sheridan. There has been frequent staff turnover, disorganization of files and/or documentation, miscommunication between staff (which has often resulted in very long unexpected wait times), and a number of instances where I would witness disrespect and hostility between staff, as well as other customers. Today I encountered all of the above in one visit, as my appointment was not documented, information was miscommunicated (as I was not told that my warranty was expired under arriving back at home), and I witnessed staff eliciting very rude responses to a polite customer she was working with nearby. After this customer walked away, the rep rolled her eyes and discussed how ridiculous this customer’s question was. This customer simply wanted to know where staff had parked her vehicle that she had arrived to pick up. None of the staff could find the vehicle and advised that she walk around the parking lot pressing her panic button. I have never in my life experienced such poor customer service with any company, as I have thus far with Basil Resale on Sheridan. Regardless of these experiences, I have been an ongoing customer that has regularly returned for repairs and oil changes on the vehicle that I have purchased only 3 years (and 10 months) ago, due to the lifetime warranty contract I purchased with my vehicle. Today the service employee informed me (for the first time) that there were two warranties, one of which expired in December and therefore, will not cover the services I require for the repair of my vehicle. As I was already at home when I heard this news, she directed me to call the warranty company (Interstate). I called and was redirected several times to different departments, advising each representative of the information stated in the contract in front of me (that I have kept for my records). Where the confusion lies, is that on the contract it states that the Diamond coverage services are for a term of 8 yr/100,000 miles. The only date referenced on the contract is the purchase date of the vehicle. After now speaking to several different reps to get clarification, it is now stated that the contract term begins upon the “Manufacturer’s In-Service Date” which was left blank on the contract. Therefore, my first complaint is: Why was this date (of which I am to reference as the original warranty start date) not referenced on this contract? It is misleading that only one date on the contract is referenced and just below this is the term reference of 8yr/100,000 miles. This would lead me to believe that the purchase of this contract would extend until 2019 or the 100,000 mile mark. I believe that this was an intentional flaw with the documentation and therefore, resulted in a misleading warranty contract purchase. My second complaint is: Upon inquiring about extensions of said warranty, I was informed by Interstate that Basil should have informed me that my warranty was ending and given me the opportunity to extend services. At no point did I receive a call or voicemail informing me that my services were ending or given the option to renew this warranty. In fact, I wasn’t wholly aware that I had two “lifetime” contracts (one being the diamond coverage and the other being the engine for life). Regardless, had I of known that the diamond coverage was ending, I would have been just has perplexed as I am currently, but would have surely extended the life of warranty to maintain full coverage. Now I am in a situation where I have need for repairs that I thought would be covered at the cost of a deductible. This company is intentionally misleading and has horrific customer service.

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