Bashay Shar Pei


Bradly Perry of Bashay Kennels agreed to ship a female Chinese Shar Pei puppy to me with show rights.I sent him a $1000 US deposit on November 4, 2018 via Western Union to reserve the puppy. I sent him $2000 US on November 25, 2018 to pay for the puppy and shipping costs.Three days prior to her scheduled flight, on December 13, 2018, Brad cancelled the flight stating he had concerns about her health. He delayed having her checked out until January 11, 2019 where I was sent a vet report stating she was not cleared to fly.I was given options: reimbursement, another puppy from the same litter, another puppy from a future litter. I opted for another female puppy from the same litter. More delays and lack of communication occurred.On January 22, 2019, I received an email stating that the second puppy could not be cleared to fly for health reasons. I requested a refund. He agreed but stated he would deduct the original flight costs. I responded and stated that I am not responsible for the flight costs as it was he that cancelled the flight and should not have scheduled a flight if the puppy was not cleared. He stated he would reimburse me when he had funds.I requested the $3000 US I paid to be sent by February 6, 2019. He has stopped communicating with me. I sent subsequent requests via email on January 26, 2019, January 31, 2019, and February 2, 2019 with no response. I have all of the documentation necessary to support this.His contact info is:Brad Perry55 Simmons St.ARMIDALE, NSW 2350AustraliaPhone number: 61475750609

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