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Tux Shop dishonest, unreliable, lying mistreated and ripped off nI was married this past June and ordered my bridesmaid dresses, my wedding dress and tuxes for the men in the wedding through Barr Brothers. I was told my dress would be in within 14-20 weeks. It did not come in until the 26th week, only two weeks before the wedding. nI was told by the owner to come in that day for a fitting anytime after 2pm, I went at 3pm and he told me he couldn’t do it because his wife is the only person who can deal with the dresses and she left. He told me to come back the next day after 11am. nI did and had to wait over an hour for his wife to show up at the shop and take the measurements. I had to change in front of her, including changing bras which was very uncomfortable. The dressing room is one room where they store junk, trash, tuxes, and apparently my wedding dress at the time too. Their sickly dog wandered the store and sat on the dresses. nMy bridesmaid dresses came in three days before the wedding (a month and a half after their promised arrival date)and my bridesmaids had to go through the same kind of run around to get their dresses. After my dress returned from alterations, the owner would not let me take it home two days before the wedding! He said his wife wasn’t there and he would not allow me to take the dress until she checked it over. The dress had been paid in full, and the wedding was two days away, why couldn’t I take my dress that I paid for home??? nOur groomsmens tuxes were missing buttons, including my grooms tux, so all the men had to wear their jackets open. THe owners wife promised us a refund of some of the tux costs, but we couldn’t mention it to her husband. She took our address and promised us a refund within a week. nAfter two weeks we called and she told us that she couldn’t give us a refund because her husband wouldn’t allow it. nEvery single person in my wedding party had to wait at least a half an hour to be helped in the shop, even when they were the only customer. nBarr Brothers shop is a complete disaster, and the owners can not be trusted with a single penny. They gave me and my entire wedding party the worst service we had ever had. nNnFresno, California

111 Van Ness Fresno, California U.S.A.

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