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Complaint: Hi, I thought you’d like to hear or print this, it’s about a broken dream! I’m 27yrs old I just bought my first 18 wheeler and working very hard to make a dream come true I was approved from Harley-Davidson Credit for a loan of $31,000.00 I found a bike at Barnetts H-D, El Paso,Tx. 2001 FLHRI with a 125 cub inc. engine all chromed out and under 2000 miles a dream come true! BUT I did every thing over the phone and on line as I couldn’t go to Texas and this was a large dealer, they sold me a warranty so I felt it was a good deal WRONG! Barnett’s worked on the starter twice before. They shipped the bike to me as they said it didn’t sound quite right. They shipped the bike to me I received it on the 1st April 2004. I took it out of the crate there was a lot of damage that I was never told about. I was told it was nearly new condition BUT it wouldn’t start. I ended up buying a new battery then it started and it was smoking under the seat a turn signal modular burned up so I had to go back to the nearest Harley store and buy that the high beam didn’t work either so over two hundred dollars I was ready to start my dream bike. It started I rode it for about 5 or 6 hours that day the 3rd April 2004, went to bed got up and the bike didn’t start I called Barnetts after about 8 phone calls they told me to have it towed to the nearest Harley shop and they would pay for it, I paid the tow. Champaign Harley called to have it fixed under the warranty BUT Harley-Davidson said it wasn’t covered as it wasn’t a stock bike and Barnett’s should have known that when they sold it to me. Barnetts said they would pay, but I had to pay cash for them to order a part, but then Barnett’s didn’t want to pay what they were charging so after 3 week’s Barnetts picked up the bike and took it to Oak Lawn,IL. They tried to fix it and brought it back to me on the 23 April 2004. I got there the next day tried to start the bike but it only made a grinding noise. I called Barnett’s and Oak Lawn. Oak Lawn came and picked up the bike and as of today they still have it waiting on Barnetts to do something as they said Barnetts should take it back as there is some thing really wrong with it but they don’t want to take it back. Harley-Davidson Credit said it’s not their problem. I have to pay the note or I’ll have bad credit for nonpayment of the loan. HELP!! I am just starting out I can’t afford bad credit with my trucking job but I don’t want to pay over $31,000.00 for a bike that no one can fix. I even called the man that made the engine in it and he said he doesn’t want to mess with it. What can I do? Quinton ford heights, IllinoisU.S.A.

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